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Arteoma has been commissioned to do the Logo and branding of the high end Real Estate company Ostara Realty base in Santa Fe.
Arteoma was hired to create the branding and logo of the Real Estate Startup Ostara Realty.
We flew to Palm Springs to attend the most anticipated event of the new Show Complexity Theory by Artist Carlos Carulo. Organized by Melissa Morgan Gallery Palm Desert,CA in the beautiful home of Gerald and kathleen Peters. Next to Carlos is Film Producer Mark Gordon, A VIP list of enthusiasm buyers showed up. It was a great day for the artist….On the right Carlos with friends, collectors and Ocean Summer
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Our clients flew us in their private Jets from Palm Springs to Santa Fe. Quite a ride at 42,000 in one of the fastest jet in the US. At this attitude no turbulence, just French Champagne make a lot of bubbles…Oh life of Billionaire…And thriving Artists.
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This was such a great event, and I met my favorite Model from Vogue magazine and actress, Joan Severance

David Hockney

Art investments


NEW YORK – A painting by the British artist David Hockney has fetched $90.3 million at Christie's on Thursday night, easily breaking the record for a work by a living artist sold at auction.
Among his famous "pool paintings," ''Portrait of an Artist (Pool With Two Figures)" is considered one of his premier works. The previous record by a living artist was set by Jeff Koons' "Balloon Dog," which sold for $58.4 million in 2013.
The 1972 painting by Hockney, now 81, is "the holy grail of his paintings, from both the historical and the market perspectives," Alex Rotter, co-chairman of post-war and contemporary art at Christie's, said in September. He noted that it reflects both the European and the American perspectives of an artist who came to live in sunny California in the '60s, and saw himself as living on both continents.
"It has all the elements that you would want in a Hockney painting," Rotter said in an interview. He noted that writers have referred to the swimming pool as being sort of a self-portrait of Hockney, though he never confirmed that, just saying he was fascinated to paint moving water.
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The painting, whose buyer was not immediately revealed, had been long held by a private collector.
A depiction of two men – one swimming the breaststroke underwater, the other standing by the pool looking down – the painting was originally inspired, according to background provided by Christie's, by two photographs Hockney found juxtaposed on his studio floor, one of a swimmer in Hollywood in 1966, and another of a boy staring at something on the ground.
The rocky landscape is in southern France, and the standing figure is said to represent Peter Schlesinger, whom the artist met in 1966, when the younger man was a student in one of Hockney's art classes at UCLA. For the next five years, according to Christie's, he was both "the great love of Hockney's life" and one of his favorite models.
The relationship ended in 1971. Hockney had already begun the painting and he abandoned it, starting again the following year.


Santa Fe

Artist Ahni Rocheleau known as One Of many will be in the Movie Tumbleweed Effect starting 2019, a Film on Art and Global Warming filmed in many countries. Produce by Lumeria Film, Directed by Filmmaker Ocean Summer.

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Artist Ahni Rocheleau known as One Of many will be in the Movie Tumbleweed Effect starting 2019, a Film on Art and Global Warming filmed in many countries. Produce by Lumeria Films, Directed by Award-winner Filmmaker Ocean Summer.
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Very excited for our Artist that are featuring in the 25 Anniversary of Trend Magazine, the number one Art magazine in Santa Fe NM and Beyond. We did many photos for the magazine and especially renown sculptor David Pearson.